ICX means interconnectivity exchange. It has no direct subscriber and is not also directly connected with any overseas operator. So the traffic of IGW's (International Gateway) and ANS's (Access Network Services) is also the traffic of ICX's.

Activities of ICX

Routing all international incoming calls received from International Gateway (IGW) and terminates up to the ANS for both mobile and fixed lines.

Routing all international outgoing calls received from the telephone operators and forwarding those up to IGW.

Routing all inter-operator calls within the country for both mobile and fixed lines.

Providing Monitoring Facility of System for BTRC.

Benefits of ICX

ICX improves quality of voice services; ensures balanced traffic among all operators and easy access for telecom operators to national telecom network. It   also helps keeping records of all calls, thereby helping authority to identify and monitor any calls, identifying, monitoring & locating movement of miscreants.

ICX can help to reduce mobile phone stealing by implementing International Mobile Equipment Identification (IMEI).

By enabling number portability ICX can facilitate the service of changing mobile network without changing mobile number.

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