Welcome to Microtrade ICX

Microtrade is an ICX (Interconnection Exchange) Company in Bangladesh. Micro Trade ICX founded early in 2012 with Interconnection Exchange (ICX) licensed by Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) to provide Interconnection services in Bangladesh. As per guideline of Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Commission, ICX can't have subscribers and it is not also directly connected with any overseas operator. So the traffic of IGW's (International Gateway) and ANS's (Access Network Services) is also the traffic of ICX's. Currently, MicroTrade ICX has license to operate 3 exchanges in Bangladesh. We have one exchange in Dhaka, while other two (2) are located at Bogra (Northwest of Bangladesh) and Sylhet (Northeast of Bangladesh). We route incoming and outgoing international calls through International Gate Ways (IGWs). Inter Operator Traffic also routed by us.

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